A coastal city in the South West of Western Australia, Busselton was discovered in 1832 and grew very quickly to have a population today of around 27,000 people and is just 220 kilometres south of Perth. Pet friendly accommodation venues are many and of a very high standard.

Busselton hes been awarded Western Australia's top tourist town three times and pet friendly accommodation is extremely popular and therefore has grown rapidly.

Busselton is close to tall timber country and soon established itself as a very busy port. In 1850, becoming very busy on the coast. There were many jetties built at the time but only Busselton Jetty is still in existence.

During the Second World War Busselton was popular as an Air Force training base. In actual fact a Royal Australian Air Force Mustang fighter was known as Busselton in honour of the people who supported fund raising activities with donations to the Royal Australian Air Force.

The climate in Busselton is very temperate with an average maximum temperature of 22 °C and a minimum of 11 °C in winter.

Pet friendly accommodation in Busselton is made up of pet friendly beach houses, pet friendly caravan parks, cottages, bed and breakfasts, and holiday homes, so pet friendly accommodation is not hard to find in Busselton, as long as you book in advance.

There is also an excellent range of pet services other than pet friendly accommodation in Busselton, headed by the highly regarded pet rescue service, plus there are vets, pet shops, pet food outlets, pet breeders, dog grooming and washing businesses, pet minding and dog walking, pet enclosures and fencing contractors, pet friendly dining venues, pet insurance agents, pet photography and artists studios, and pet transport operators.

Busselton is a truly beautiful city with pet friendly parks and beaches, and the population keeps growing rapidly because of its beauty and friendly welcoming Busselton residents so how about you put some time aside to visit Busselton and take home your own memories. There are many pet friendly accommodation properties listed below, so pick up the phone or simply send an email and have a very enjoyable Busselton experience for yourself.


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