Dunsborough is in the Margaret River area of the South West region of Western Australia and is located on the shores of Geographe Bay 250 kilometres from Perth, 25 kilometres east of Busselton and 35 kilometres north of Margaret River. With a population of approximately 3400 people Dunsborough is a substantial country town which is extremely popular with tourists.

In 1999 Dunsborough was voted the best tourist destination in Western Australia and in 2013 Dunsborough was awarded the Top Tourism Award for a town under 5000 population.

Dunsborough has grown very rapidly and become quite affluent and boasts pet friendly accommodation choices, pet friendly dining venues, pet shops, saddleries, pet food, pet products and pet accessories, and pet supplies retailers.

Dunsborough is part of the Margaret River wine growing region and there are a number of wineries and breweries within very easy driving reach of Dunsborough. The South West coast of Western Australia's history dates back almost 40,000 years and Dunsborough itself has multiple sites of aboriginal importance, these include Caves Road-Naturaliste Road Roundabout in Dunsborough, the Seymour Street Dunsborough Camping Grounds and Dunn Bay Road Dunsborough Ceremonial Ground.

When considering Dunsborough for your next vacation you will have an excellent choice of pet friendly accommodation venues to choose from including Dunsborough pet friendly caravan parks, Dunsborough pet friendly bed and breakfasts, pet friendly cottages in Dunsborough, Dunsborough pet friendly beach houses, pet friendly holiday homes and Dunsborough pet friendly motels. So your pet friendly accommodation will be well taken care of.

If you haven't been to Dunsborough it is suggested you really should include it in your thoughts for your next weekend or week away.

The Dunsborough locals are looking forward to welcoming you so don't disappoint them, and in fact don't disappoint yourself. A visit to Dunsborough will present you with wonderful memories of your Dunsborough experience.


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