Wye River

Wye River is a small town on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria with a range of pet friendly accommodation choices. Wye River is also the name given to the waterway which flows through the town and into the sea at this point. Situated 155 km from Melbourne, on the Great Ocean Road, Wye River township is a popular tourist destination about 15 kilometres from Lorne. It became a popular place for Melbournians to holiday after the Great Ocean Road was officially opened in 1932. Wye River has a permanent population of around 150 people but that number swells during warmer holiday periods.

Wye River was first occupied by white settlers in 1882 .

Wye River Post Office opened in 1914 though before 1945 it was reduced to just a Telegraph office for considerable periods of time, mail being delivered to Wye River from Lorne.

Wye River is known for scenic coastal views, the Great Otway National Park, and surfing, thus its popularity as a pet friendly accommodation town.

There are two caravan parks at Wye River, the Seasonal Foreshore, located close to the main beach, and the BIG4 Wye River Holiday Park in the valley, which is privately owned and operates all year round.

There is one pub, the "Wye Beach Hotel" and the Wye River General Store which also contains the post office and a café.

Wye River has pet friendly accommodation in the means of pet friendly caravan parks, pet friendly cottages, and pet friendly beach houses, and pet services in the Wye River area consist of pet food shops, pet transport, vets, farriers, pet breeders, boarding kennels and catteries, pet insurance agents, dog grooming and washing services, pet products, pet supplies, and horse riding ranches.

The Wye River locals absolutely love visitors so don't disappoint them, Fill in this weekend's activities with a trip to Wye River and one of the pet friendly accommodation houses or caravan parks.

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