Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls is quite a large country town in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales with an impressive range of pet friendly accommodation options.

With a population of 5,650 Wentworth Falls is only an hour and a half drive from central Sydney or just under 2 hours train trip.

Wentworth Falls was named in 1879 in honour of William Charles Wentworth, one of the 3 famous explorers of the area, after previously being known as Weatherboard and Jamison's Valley.

Wentworth Falls offers magnificent bushwalks and views and the falls themselves are nothing short of spectacular.

Visitors should take note of the following 'must do's' when in Wentworth Falls and ensure they don't miss out on a visit to each of them:-
Ingar Picnic Ground, Sunset Lookout providing views of Lake Burragorang, Wentworth Falls Lake, Pitt Park, Wentworth Falls School of Arts, Charles Darwin Walk, Central Park and Murray Park, Falls Gallery, Breakfast Point Lookout, Queens Cascades, Rocket Point Lookout, Empress Falls, Sylvia Falls, Lodore Falls, Valley of the Waters Picnic Area, Queen Victoria Lookout, Lyre Bird Lookout, Vera Falls, Flat Rock and Brittania Red Rock.

No, you can't see it all in a day so you will have to stay at one of the pet friendly accommodation venues that Wentworth Falls has to offer, and you have got your pet with you haven't you. There are pet friendly cottages, pet friendly bed and breakfasts, pet friendly cabins, pet friendly holiday homes, pet friendly caravan parks, pet friendly hotels and pet friendly guest houses....plenty to choose from in the pet friendly accommodation category in Wentworth Falls.

And you can have your favourite friend groomed and washed at Wentworth Falls, and if you happen to be wandering into the National Park you can get your pet wonderfully cared for.

So, no excuses people, come and visit Wentworth Falls and one of the pet friendly accommodation venues as soon as you can.


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