Wauchope is a settlement in the Barkly region of Northern Territory and is on the Stuart Highway and is popular as a resting point on the long trip to or from Alice Springs and Darwin.

The Wauchope district's main attraction is the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve, which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Approximately 1120 kilometres from Darwin Wauchope is also 130 kilometres south of Tennant Creek and 375 kilometres from Alice Springs.

Pet friendly accommodation at Wauchope is made up of pet friendly camping or pet friendly cabins and pet friendly hotel accommodation. Pet services in the Wauchope area consist of pet food outlets, pet supplies, vets, pet transport, farriers, horse riding opportunities, and horse dentists.

Wauchope locals are waiting for you to drop in on your travels as they have plenty of stories to tell, so don't disappoint them.

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