Known as the Garden City, Toowoomba boasts over 150 parks and gardens and is the 16th largest city in Australia with a population of around 110,000 and an impressive range of pet friendly accommodation venues.

Just 127 kilometres west of the Queensland State capital in Brisbane, Toowoomba is the very busy Business Centre of the Darling Downs region and some have also called Toowoomba the University and Cathedral City.

Known for the Australian Carnival of Flowers in September each year and the popular Easterfest whenever Easter falls annually, Toowoomba is always a bustling but extremely appealing and attractive City.

As far as being pet friendly, Toowoomba has just about everything. There is a large selection of pet friendly accommodation venues and pet services and businesses ready to assist in any way they can. You have a choice of Toowoomba pet friendly accommodation with pet friendly caravan parks available, and if you are looking for something a little more private then there are pet friendly cottages or holiday homes available in Toowoomba, or maybe you would enjoy one of the pet friendly motels, hotels or apartments that Toowoomba offers, or be treated at a pet friendly bed and breakfast.

Now for the pet services, well Toowoomba boasts businesses that would satisfy the requirements of every category on this pet friendly website. There are pet shops, pet food outlets, pet breeders, pet groomers, pet washing, boarding kennels, catteries, pet transport operators, pet friendly dining options in Toowoomba central, pet insurance agents, pet funerals businesses, horse riding ranches with lessons and training, saddleries, vets and horse dentists, farriers, pet photography and artists studios, pet parties organisers, pet events, pet friendly parks of course, pet clubs and organisations, Toowoomba pet rescue businesses, pet enclosures and fencing contractors, bird aviaries and cages retailers, aquarium shops with fish and reptiles, pet doors builders and vendors, pet products and accessories shops, pet supplies warehouses, vet supplies and instruments sales, pet training and obedience schools, and pet identification options. Are there any missing? I don't think so. Toowoomba has them all and Toowoomba really knows how to look after pet owners and their beloved furry, slippery or feathered friends.

There aren't many places anywhere in Australia that offer beauty, services and relaxation and Toowoomba has to be close to the perfect City so why don't you take a look at Toowoomba for yourself and plan a visit and a stay at one of the many pet friendly accommodation venues at your earliest chance.

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