The Entrance

The Entrance is a town on the Central Coast of New South Wales with an excellent range of pet friendly accommodation options.

The Entrance is part of the Wyong Shire and with a population approaching 3000 people The Entrance is becoming a profitable little haven.

The Entrance is bounded by water on three sides. The Entrance gains it name from the channel that runs along its northern border that is the entrance to The Tuggerah Lakes.

Since 1885 when the first Guest House was constructed there, The Entrance has become an extremely popular tourist destination, especially for residents of Sydney's northern suburbs.

Multi-Storey apartment blocks have replaced many of the older cottages at The Entrance.

The beautiful beaches, the Tuggerah Lakes, and the very attractive town centre ensure that The Entrance attracts people at all times of the year.

Pet friendly accommodation at The Entrance includes pet friendly caravan parks, pet friendly cottages, pet friendly hotels, pet friendly motels, and pet friendly beach houses.

The Entrance is also very well off for pet friendly services and businesses and you can find, pet food outlets, pet friendly dining venues, pet insurance agents, pet minding and dog walking services, dog grooming and washing businesses, horse riding opportunities, pet photography and artists studios, pet training, dog obedience, and of course vets can be found in almost every area of Australia.

The Entrance locals would love to welcome you so please don't disappoint them, and you can be assured that you won't be disappointed with your experiences at The Entrance.

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