Strathmerton is a town in the Murray River region of Victoria with pet friendly accommodation.

Strathmerton is located on the Murray Valley Highway about 10 kilometres west of Cobram and has a population of just short of 1000 people.

First settled in 1879 Strathmerton is the site of what was the Kraft Factory which was taken over by Bega Cheese in 2008.

The surrounding rural area around Strathmerton consists mainly of irrigated dairy and fruit farms and just north of Strathmerton there are several beaches and camping spots along the Murray River.

There is a Football Club, Golf Club and the Strathmerton Bowls Club, which is a popular meeting place for the Strathmerton locals.

Pet friendly accommodation in Strathmerton consists of a pet friendly motel which has set up a pet friendly bed and breakfast style of accommodation, whilst pet services around Strathmerton include pet food outlets, pet breeders, Strathmerton vets, and horse riding opportunities.

The people of Strathmerton love having visitors so if you are in the Murray River area it would be lovely if you could include a stay at Strathmerton. You know, everybody really needs a Strathmerton experience, so plan yours in the very near future. Book your pet friendly accommodation today. You will return home with excellent Strathmerton memories.


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