Southport is a coastal town in the Southern region of Tasmania and is located just over 100 kilometres from Hobart.

Southport, despite being on the coast is a very sheltered town and was first constructed with the help of convict labour and became a mill town from the 1860’s to the 1920’s.

Southport was settled before Port Arthur and was once the largest town south of Hobart. Southport was an important emerging town for timber.

Southport is a peaceful place these days and a small dedicated community who appreciate the Southport's beauty and the good recreational fishing.

The pet friendly Southport Hotel and Caravan Park provides pet friendly accommodation and the only fuel and food supplies.

Southport Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary is well worth a visit (access via Ida Bay railway or boat). Southport has a modern boat ramp for recreational fishermen.

Pet services in Southport and the surrounding Southport area include vets, pet food supplies, pet breeders, horse riding, farriers, and we all know you can arrange pet insurance from anywhere.

Southport locals would love you to come and visit them and to experience Southport for yourself. Once you have, the Southport people know that you will return.

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