Sorrento is a beautiful coastal town on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, about 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne. Pet friendly accommodation is of an excellent standard and pet services are also in abundance.

Situated between Port Phillip Bay and Bass Strait, Sorrento is the site for the Sorrento Queenscliff Ferry Service which runs on an hourly basis connecting Mornington Peninsula with the Bellarine Peninsula and carries passengers with vehicles as well as those on foot visiting to or from Queenscliff.

With a population of around 1,600 permanent residents Sorrento has many heritage listed buildings dating back to the early 19th century. Sorrento was the site for Victoria's first public hospital, Magistrate's Court, Government printing office and postal service and many of these old buildings are still in existence today, many built with limestone.

Pet friendly accommodation in Sorrento mainly consists of pet friendly holiday homes or beach houses with pet friendly apartments and units and pet friendly motels. Pet services, other than the pet friendly accommodation previously mentioned, includes pet friendly dining venues, pet food supplies, vets, horse riding opportunities, dog grooming and washing facilities, pet minding and dog walking services, pet insurance agents and pet breeders.

If you are looking for a coastal holiday within easy reach of Melbourne it is suggested you take a good look at Sorrento with frontage to both the open ocean for the surf enthusiasts and Port Phillip Bay for boat lovers in calmer waters. Fishing is very popular in both waters. Pet friendly accommodation is aplenty so take a look at the range of properties below and place your booking early as Sorrento is a very popular place.


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