Snug is a coastal town in the Southern region of Tasmania with approximately 900 people and is about 30 kilometres south of Hobart.

Snug was devastated by bushfires in 1967, when 11 people lost their lives and two-thirds of the homes in Snug were destroyed, along with two Snug churches and half of the Snug school.

Pet friendly accommodation in Snug is made up of pet friendly caravan parks where you can find pet friendly cabins, and pet friendly camping. As far as pet services are concerned Snug has vets available, pet food outlets, pet supplies, horse riding opportunities, pet transport operators, Snug pet friendly dining venues and the area around Snug boasts pet breeders, dog grooming, and boarding kennels and catteries.

Snug is a truly inviting township and the locals of Snug would love you to stay and make your own Snug memories.


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