Runaway Bay

Runaway Bay is on the Gold Coast in Queensland and has a population of around 10,000 people and a large number of pet friendly accommodation venues.

The locality of Anglers Paradise is situated within Runaway Bay. In 1967, 182 hectares of land along the western shore of the Gold Coast Broadwater was purchased for development, which began in 1972 to transform the subdivision into a residential and boating area. The name Runaway Bay was coined to promote the area as a tranquil retreat.

Today Runaway Bay is a vibrant but very beautiful part of the Gold Coast that has quickly become a popular destination for tourists from all over Australia.

Runaway Bay boasts pet friendly accommodation in the form of pet friendly beach houses, pet friendly cottages, pet friendly bed and breakfasts, pet friendly resorts, pet friendly cabins, pet friendly apartments, and pet friendly hotels.

Pet services in the Runaway Bay area other than pet friendly accommodation feature pet shops, pet food outlets, dog grooming and washing businesses, pet minding, dog walking, pet friendly dining, vets, saddleries, pet insurance, pet training, dog obedience classes, and pet photography and artists studios.

If you enjoy time on the Gold Coast why not venture to Runaway Bay and one of the beautiful pet friendly accommodation choices next time you visit and you will take some very happy Runaway Bay memories home with you.

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