Ravensthorpe is in the Esperance/Nullabor/Fitzgerald Coast region of Western Australia and is roughly 540 kilometres from Perth, and just 40 kilometres from the south coast of Western Australia. Ravensthorpe has a population of around 500 people.

In 1848, Ravensthorpe was first surveyed by Surveyor General John Septimus Roe who named many of the nearby attractions, including Ravensthorpe Range that the town is named after. The Ravensthorpe area was first settled by the Dunn brothers during 1868.

The Dunn brothers brought sheep farming to the Ravensthorpe area in 1871. One of the Dunn brothers, James, discovered gold at nearby Annabel Creek and was awarded a claim by the government. More profitable discoveries followed in 1900 that resulted in a boom. The population of Ravensthorpe climbed to over 1000 and by 1901 the town of Ravensthorpe was official.

The Ravensthorpe area continued to prosper but the prosperity was short-lived; World War I took its toll on Ravensthorpe and many mines closed.

After the war Ravensthorpe began servicing the farmers of the district. Agriculture in Ravensthorpe began to grow following the depression and more land releases occurred in the 1960s and 1970s.

BHP Billiton began a mine in east of Ravensthorpe in 2007 but closed it again after the tragic effects the Global Economic Crisis had on its profitability, and eventually sold the mine and the effects on Ravensthorpe were enormous with 1800 jobs lost.

Pet friendly accommodation in Ravensthorpe today consists of one of the best pet friendly caravan parks around and pet services include Ravensthorpe vets, pet food outlets, pet breeders, horse riding opportunities, farriers, horse dentists, and Ravensthorpe pet transport operators.

Ravensthorpe is very attractive, has lovely friendly people, and would welcome a visit from you with open arms, so why not take the time and plan a stay in Ravensthorpe very shortly.


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