Ravenshoe is in the Tropical North Queensland region of Queensland or TNQ as it is more widely known.

Ravenshoe is on the Atherton Tableland and is located 125 kilometres south west of Cairns.

With a population of approximately 900 people Ravenshoe is a busy little town and is 930 metres above sea level, making it the highest town in Queensland, and they often boast they have the 'Top Pub', and Ravenshoe also has the widest waterfall in Australia in the Millstream Falls.

The industries of Ravenshoe are tourism, beef and dairy farming.

Ravenshoe began in 1881 as a timber town, and was originally named Cedar Creek, but later changed to Ravenshoe.

Ravenshoe has many tourist attractions and these include waterfalls, crater lakes, swamps, bush walks, water holes, rainforests and historical landmarks. Ravenshoe also has a number of galleries.

Pet friendly accommodation in Ravenshoe is in the form of pet friendly motels, pet friendly bed and breakfasts, pet friendly cottages, pet friendly cabins, pet friendly camping, and pet friendly caravan parks.

Ravenshoe also boasts a good range of pet services with pet food outlets, Ravenshoe vets, horse riding opportunities, pet breeders, farriers, horse dentists, Ravenshoe pet transport operators, and pet friendly Ravenshoe dining venues.

The locals of Ravenshoe are awaiting your visit and they are very friendly and accommodating people, so don't let them down, head off to Ravenshoe at your first opportunity. You know, everyone really does need a Ravenshoe experience. You'll love it.


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