Northcliffe is in the Great Southern area of the South West region of Western Australia and is 360 kilometres south of Perth and about 30 kilometres from the coast.

Northcliffe is the gateway to the D'Entrecasteaux and Shannon National Parks .

From Northcliffe you can explore the trails of the Forest Park or the Bibbulmun Track and study the karri forest.

Heathland wildflowers are a favourite that can be found in Northcliffe all year round. A visit to the Northcliffe Visitors Centre is also well worth investing your time in.

Pet friendly accommodation in Northcliffe is in the form of pet friendly caravan parks, Northcliffe pet friendly cottages, and pet friendly farmstays.

Northcliffe is also well off for pet friendly services and these include Northcliffe vets, pet food outlets, boarding kennels, dog grooming services Northcliffe pet transport operators, pet friendly dining venues, and pet supplies and accessories retailers.

Northcliffe is a lovely part of the South West region in Western Australia and it is highly recommended that you include Northcliffe in your itinerary for this years' holidays. The Northcliffe residents are truly lovely people and would love to welcome you for your Northcliffe experience, so don't think about it, just do it, head off to Northcliffe very shortly .


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