Nathalia is a town of approximately 2000 people in the Murray River region of Victoria.

Nathalia is located in the Shire of Moira on the banks of Broken Creek and on the Murray Valley Highway.

Hotels, Nathalia post office, schools and churches are a part of Nathalia which was made a village in 1880. The railway arrived in Nathalia in 1888, allowing local Nathalia production to increase and the Nathalia butter factory was established in 1895.

The main industries in Nathalia are dairy farming and grazing which provide an income for the locals of Nathalia and the surrounding Nathalia primary producers.

Nathalia has five schools, a government high school and the Nathalia primary school as well as a Catholic college and a Catholic primary school. Nathalia also has a campus of the Glenvale School, an independent primary and secondary school. There is also a pre school and a new child care facility in Nathalia.

Pet friendly accommodation in Nathalia consists of pet friendly caravan parks, pet friendly cottages, and pet friendly holiday homes, whereas the pet services of the Nathalia area include pet food outlets, pet transport operators, Nathalia vets, farriers, horse dentists, horse riding opportunities, Nathalia pet breeders, boarding kennels and catteries.

Nathalia is truly a very attractive town so don't miss your chance to visit Nathalia next time you get a break, as the Nathalia locals are ready to welcome you.

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