Mirboo North

Mirboo North is a lovely town of approximately 1750 residents between Morwell and Leongatha in the Strzelecki Ranges of Gippsland about 150 kilometres east of melbourne and boasts some quality pet friendly accommodation.options.

A very active town, Mirboo North boasts a popular golf course and swimming pool and has a Sunday Market once a month. Names of note who were associated with Mirboo North are Australian Basketballer Belinda Snell and 1992 Olympic High Jump Silver Medallist Tim Forsyth went to the Secondary School.

Mirboo North is the beginning of the Grand Ridge Trail which winds its way through the Strzelecki Ranges and the town also is a popular stop for those who travel the Grand Ridge Road between Warragul and Balook.

Mirboo North is a very homely town with friendly locals and they welcome visitors with open arms. There are plenty of shops to satisfy most people's needs and a very popular Hotel that provides excellent meals. Mirboo North has formed part of my life and means a lot to me personally, so when you head that way for your well deserved break we just might cross paths. Check out the pet friendly accommodation, which is mainly made up holiday houses, bed and breakfasts and pet friendly cottages, and place your reservation soon. 

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