Merredin is in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia and is located midway between Perth and Kalgoorlie. Merredin is connected by public transport to Perth and has a population hovering around the 3000 mark.

An explorer by the name of Hunt climbed Merredin Peak and stated that he overheard aboriginals talking of the area 'Merreding' or that it was the name used by the aborigines to describe the 'huge bare granite rock' which the locals call Merredin Rock but which is officially named Merredin Peak today.

The first Merredin settlement was north of Merredin Peak but it was hastily moved a few kilometres to the south due to the railway line.

Merredin began as a stopping place on the way to the goldfields and the gold rush certainly helped get Merredin established. In 1888 the area to the east of Merredin was officially proclaimed a goldfield and over the next decade prospectors and fossickers poured through the Merredin area. Merredin Peak played a big part in Merredin remaining a town with its outstanding water catchment qualities, supplying Merredin with an excellent water supply.

A wall was constructed around Merredin Peak which led to a 100 metre channel which in turn led into a dam with a storage capacity of 25 million litres.

Today Merredin is a busy town with many attractions and activities and pet friendly accommodation varies from pet friendly caravan parks to pet friendly cottages or pet friendly Merredin holiday homes. Pet services are varied with pet shops, pet food outlets, pet breeders, boarding kennels and catteries, vets, horse riding opportunities, farriers, dog grooming and washing services, pet insurance agents, and pet friendly dining venues can be found in Merredin.

If you are travelling the Golden Outback then you really can't miss Merredin, so why not plan some time in Merredin. The Merredin people are very obliging and will welcome you with open arms. So sample the Merredin hospitality as soon as you can.


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