Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and was originally built around the banks of the Yarra River. It has now spread enormously and is forecast to become the largest Australian City in the foreseeable future Melbourne is very well off for pet friendly accommodation and pet businesses such as pet friendly caravan parks, pet friendly hotels, pet friendly cottages, pet friendly apartments, pet friendly beach houses, pet shops, vets and pet dentists, pet hospitals, dog grooming and washing, pet minding and walking, boarding kennels and catteries, pet friendly dining venues, pet insurance agencies, pet funerals operators, pet parties organisers, pet breeders, bird aviaries and cages retailers, aquarium, fish and reptiles shops, horse riding and training ranches, saddleries and farriers, pet publications printers, pet training and obedience schools, pet products and accessories warehouses, pet photography and artists studios, pet doors manufacturers, pet enclosures and pet fencing contractors, pet rescue services, pet friendly parks and beaches, and pet food outlets.

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