Maldon is a beautiful old town in the Goldfields region Victoria with quality pet friendly accommodation on offer.

With a population of around 1700 people Maldon has maintained many of its old buildings from the 19th Century and a walk along the Main Street takes you back in time. In fact the slogan for the Maldon Tourist Association says it all....'The Way It Was is The Way It Is'...a perfect description of Maldon.

Europeans first discovered the Maldon district in 1836 during Major Mitchell's famous Victorian expedition. Maldon was settled soon afterwards and following a gold discovery in the area in 1853, Maldon became a part of the Victorian Gold Rush. The town of Maldon was officially named in 1856.

In 1861 the population of Maldon was officially 3341, servicing an additional 5,000-6,000 miners at the diggings. Maldon was then the eighth-largest town in Victoria but by 1891, the population of Maldon had reduced to 1,600. Mining of small claims continued into the 20th Century but on a much smaller scale.

Maldon today has changed very little since mining operations ceased and Maldon was declared a "notable town" in 1966 by the National Trust of Victoria.

Maldon now has appeal as a retirement venue for artists and writers, as well as tourism and of course pet friendly accommodation. Maldon holds several annual fairs, including a Winter Fair, Easter Fair, Art Show, and Folk Festival. and notable landmarks include Beehive Chimney, Mount Tarrangower and fire tower, Lake Cairn Curran, and the railway station .
The annual Easter Fair at Maldon includes billy-cart racing, dancing in the street, the Great Aussie Scone Bake, a cemetery walk and the lighting of the Mount Tarrangower tower. The Maldon Folk Festival is held over the Melbourne Cup weekend .

Pet friendly accommodation in Maldon consists mainly of pet friendly cottages, et friendly bed and breakfasts, pet friendly caravan parks, pet friendly farmstays, and a pet friendly youth camp.

Pet services in and around Maldon include pet food outlets, pet friendly dining venues, Maldon vets, farriers, Maldon horse riding opportunities, dog breeders, boarding kennels, pet training and dog obedience, dog grooming services, and Maldon pet transport operators.

The people of Maldon enjoy having visitors so why don't you take some time in the near future to visit Maldon. There is a good range of pet friendly accommodation venues to choose from and there are plenty of attractions and activities to fill in your time. Actually, a Maldon experience should be on everyone's agenda and don't listen to what other people tell you go and form your own Maldon memories really soon.


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