Magnetic Island

Offshore from Townsville in the Northern region of Queensland is Magnetic Island with a population heading towards 2500 people and a great range of pet friendly accommodation options.

Magnetic Island is a very mountainous island with an area of just over 50 square kilometres. Access to Magnetic Island is via a ferry service. There is a National Park and bird sanctuary on Magnetic Island covering over half its area. Magnetic island has become a tourist attraction with a number of pet friendly accommodation venues including pet friendly Hotels, pet friendly Resorts and pet friendly holiday homes.

The name Magnetic Island came about because of the apparent "magnetic" effect it had on the ship's compass of Captain Cook as he passed the island when sailing up the east coast of Australia in 1770. People ever since have explored the general area of Magnetic Island to discover what might have caused what Cook reported, but without success.

Magnetic Island is famous for its fishing. Fish around Magnetic Island include marlin, mackerel, giant trevally, coral trout, red emperor and sea perch.

Pet services on Magnetic island other than pet friendly accommodation include pet food outlets, pet breeders, dog grooming and washing services, vets, horse riding opportunities and pet friendly dining venues.

A visit to Magnetic Island is essential in your future so why put it off. Head off to Magnetic Island as early as you can because the experience, especially the quality of the pet friendly accommodation, will last with you forever, and you will be treated extremely well.

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