Leeman, in the Coral Coast region of Western Australia, is a small coastal town within the Shire of Coorow with pet friendly accommodation available.

Leeman was first subdivided in 1961 and the town was gazetted as Snag Island which is a rocky island off-shore from the town of Leeman. Leeman was named after Abraham Leeman who visited the area in 1658 whilst searching for the wreckage of the Gilt Dragon that was lost two years earlier. Leeman was in charge of the search.

Pet friendly accommodation in Leeman is in the form of pet friendly cottages, pet friendly beach houses, pet friendly caravan parks, and Leeman pet friendly holiday homes.

Pet services in Leeman and the areas surrounding Leeman include vets services, pet food outlets, Leeman pet transport operators, pet breeders, boarding kennels and catteries, Leeman pet friendly dining venues, and pet supplies and accessories retailers.

Leeman locals are lovely, just like the town, so why don't you pay a visit to one of the pet friendly accommodation venues in Leeman in the very near future. Your Leeman memories will all be good ones.


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