Leasingham is in the Clare Valley region of South Australia which has a good range of pet friendly accommodation choices showing on these pages.

Leasingham is approximately 120 kilometres from Adelaide and 20 kilometres south of larger town Clare.

Leasingham is located in lower country in a valley below surrounding rises and Leasingham township is divided by Eyre Creek. The Riesling Trail is on the west of Leasingham, following the former railway route between Auburn and Clare.

Leasingham was named after the village and civil parish of Leasingham in Lincolnshire, England.

By 1866 Leasingham had about 130 residents and now has a population of around 700 people, who would all love to have you visit their lovely area.

Pet friendly accommodation in Leasingham is in the form of pet friendly cottages, pet friendly cabins, and Leasingham pet friendly holiday homes.

Pet services in Leasingham and surrounding areas consist of pet food outlets, Leasingham vets, horse riding opportunities exist around Leasingham and pet transport operators can also be contacted.

Next time you intend to visit the Clare Valley it is highly recommended that you include a stay at one of the advertised pet friendly accommodation venues in Leasingham in your itinerary.


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