Launceston, with a population of approximately 86,000 people, is the second largest city in Tasmania and has been located at the junction of the North Esk and South Esk Rivers which become the Tamar River. South Esk River is the longest river in Tasmania. One of Australia's oldest cities Launceston has many heritage listed buildings, mostly federation-styled as they were constructed in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A number of these buildings now form part of the Launceston pet friendly accommodation venues.

Launceston was discovered by explorers Bass and Flinders in 1798 with the first buildings built in 1805. Launceston was also the first town in Australia to have underground sewerage as well as the first to use hydroelectricity. At the head of the Tamar Valley Launceston is 45 kilometres south of Bass Strait and is quite hilly in places. The average high temperature in January is 24 degrees celsius and in winter the average high temperature is 13 degrees celsius.

The main income generated in the Launceston area is from tourism with almost 500,000 visitors per year, 25% of these visitors arriving from the United Kingdom. The area has always been a large producer of apples and the quality of the superfine wool industry attracts many international purchasers every year.

Popular attractions are Cataract Gorge which boasts the world's longest single span chairlift of 308 metres long. City Park is also extremely popular with other attractions including Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery and Country Club Casino and its magnificent Golf Course surrounds.

Pet friendly accommodation in Launceston consists mainly of pet friendly apartments, holiday houses and bed and breakfasts with pet friendly caravan parks, townhouses, guest houses, motels and cottages as well. Pet services, other than these pet friendly accommodation options, include pet friendly dining, vets, horse riding, boarding kennels and catteries, dog grooming and washing facilities, pet food suppliers, pet insurance agents, pet party organisers, pet funerals and cemetaries, pet minding and dog walking, pet and animal transport operators, pet photographers and artists, farriers, aquarium supplies, pet product sales, pet breeders and pet dentists. Launceston also boasts a valuable pet rescue team and features pet friendly parks and gardens and very popular pony clubs and pet events.

Launceston is a lovely old city with plenty of history that attracts many people from mainland Australia and overseas and the people also love their pets. So why don't you put some time aside to spend in Launceston. Take a look through the pet friendly accommodation available and plan your visit to Launceston shortly.

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