Lakes Entrance

As a waterfront town, Lakes Entrance in the East Gippsland/Lakes region of Victoria, is a very popular all year round pet friendly holiday destination, including during winter months when the Lakes Entrance climate is often a few degrees warmer than Melbourne.

A walk across the popular landmark Lakes Entrance footbridge, which crosses Cunninghame Arm, links the Lakes Entrance town centre with the sand dunes and windswept Lakes Entrance section of the coastline of Bass Strait, popular with surfers and swimmers.

As a pet friendly holiday town with a large emphasis on water activities and a high concentration of marinas and jetties along its extensive lake coastline, it is no surprise that Lakes Entrance is the base of one of Australia's largest fishing fleets.

Lakes Entrance and the surrounding areas has a large range of pet friendly parks and beaches, gardens and tourist trails.

Pet friendly accommodation in Lakes Entrance consists mainly of the large range of Lakes Entrance pet friendly caravan parks, but there are also Lakes Entrance pet friendly motels, and a good range of pet friendly cottages and pet friendly beach houses also exist in Lakes Entrance.

Pet services are many and varied in Lakes Entrance and include pet shops, pet food outlets, Lakes Entrance vets, pet transport operators, dog grooming and washing businesses, pet minding and dog walking services, boarding kennels and Lakes Entrance catteries, pet friendly Lakes Entrance dining options, horse riding opportunities, Lakes Entrance pet insurance agents, pet breeders, pet training and dog obedience schools, and Lakes Entrance pet supplies retailers.

Lakes Entrance really is one of the most appealing coastal towns in Victoria and therefore many visitors are drawn to Lakes Entrance every year. The locals are also fantastic and very welcoming so take your first opportunity to head to Lakes Entrance and sample that Lakes Entrance experience that many others before you have already.

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