Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales are the world's oldest caves being 340 million years old and are considered Australia's most outstanding. There are 10 spectacular 'show' caves at Jenolan Caves and in total there are 400 caves that have been discovered since 1830.

Jenolan Caves runs night tours, ghost tours, adventure caving, self-guided tours, underground concerts, kids tours during the NSW school holidays and a unique Jenolan Caves sound and light show. Any wonder the area is very popular for pet friendly accommodation searchers.

Pet friendly accommodation is not available at Jenolan Caves themselves as it is located in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, which doesn't allow pets, so if you wish to visit Jenolan Caves please don't bring your pet with you. Perhaps you could find a friendly boarding kennel or cattery in the Jenolan Caves area where your pet could be pampered or a pet minding service in one of the Blue Mountains towns and villages near Jenolan Caves. Maybe your pet friendly accommodation provider could look after your furr-kid whilst you tour.

Also, and very importantly, there is no fuel available at Jenolan Caves, so please fill up at Mount Victoria, Lithgow, Oberon or Bathurst, depending on where you are coming from, otherwise you may become a semi-permanent resident of Jenolan Caves for a little while.

Apart from the beauty of Jenolan Caves there are other above-ground formations well worth a visit and these include Carlotta's Arch, the Blue Lake and The Jenolan River.

There is very little doubt that you have heard about the magnificent Jenolan Caves, but please don't leave it to hearsay, come and visit Jenolan Caves yourself, stay at one of the pet friendly accommodation venues nearby, and form your own Jenolan Caves memory.


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