Jamieson is a small town in the High Country region of Victoria.

Jamieson is located where the Goulburn River and Jamieson River join, 200 kilometres from Melbourne. The name Jamieson is derived from George Jamieson, a shepherd in the area in the 1850s.

The population of Jamieson is around 400 people.

The Jamieson area was first settled in 1860 and by 1861 there were approximately 300 people working the goldfields. The Post Office in Jamieson opened on 18 January 1858.

Jamieson was surveyed in 1862. By 1865 Jamieson had a Catholic chapel, an Anglican church, a Jamieson school, a court house and police station, two banks, two insurance offices, five hotels and several stores had opened in Jamieson.

By the 1990s, Jamieson had become a popular tourist destination, boosted by Lake Eildon which is situated adjacent to Jamieson.

Jamieson today is a popular destination for four wheel drivers, fisherpersons, and amateur gold diggers. Jamieson is also close to the Mount Buller snowfields.

Jamieson now has two hotels, and pet friendly accommodation in the form of pet friendly caravan parks, pet friendly cottages, and several Jamieson pet friendly bed and breakfasts.

Pet services in and around Jamieson include vets, Jamieson horse riding opportunities, pet breeders, farriers, horse dentists, Jamieson pet transport operators, and pet food outlets.

Jamieson is a very friendly country town and the Jamieson locals invite you to come and experience the beauty and lifestyle of Jamieson, so pack up the family and dog in the car and head to Jamieson for your next 'relaxation time'.

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