Huskisson is a coastal village of just under 1000 population in the Jervis Bay area on the South Coast of New South Wales on the shores of Jervis Bay. Huskisson is 24 km south-east of Nowra and is a very popular place for pet friendly beach houses and pet friendly cottages.

Situated alongside Currambene Creek which serves as an anchorage and fishing port, Huskisson is a prime tourist destination, with white beaches and crystal blue waters.

Huskisson was named after the British statesman William Huskisson and includes pet friendly accommodation venues as mentioned earlier plus the area boasts pet friendly caravan parks and pet friendly bed and breakfasts. The Huskisson region also features pet food outlets, vets, horse riding opportunities, pet breeders, dog grooming businesses, and pet friendly dining venues.

If you love the beach and a quieter style of living then you will love Huskisson, and the Huskisson locals will love you.

So grab the first chance you get and head to Huskisson to experience the relaxation for yourself.

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