Grafton is on the southern boundary of the Byron Bay/Northern Rivers area of the North Coast region of New South Wales.

Pet friendly accommodation in and around the Grafton area varies from pet friendly caravan parks to pet friendly motels, with cottages, bed and breakfasts and holiday homes.

Grafton has pet friendly services, other than the pet friendly accommodation previously mentioned, either in Grafton itself or the surrounding area, and these include pet shops, pet food outlets, dog grooming and washing services, pet minding, dog walking, vets, pet insurance agents, boarding kennels, catteries, Grafton pet friendly dining venues, aquarium shops, bird aviaries and cages retailers, pet breeders, and local pet transport operators.

Grafton is a very popular town and features many attractions and activities, so why not take the first opportunity to visit Grafton for yourself, and confirm what people have told you about how appealing their town plus their range of pet friendly accommodation really is.

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