Gayndah in the Bundaberg region of Queensland is located on the Burnett River. It is roughly 370 kilometres north of Brisbane and 145 kilometres west of Maryborough. The Burnett Highway passes through Gayndah.

Gayndah has an increasing population of just under 2000 people.

Exploration of the Gayndah area began in 1847. The first European settlers arrived in Gayndah in 1848, and Gayndah building were commenced in the following year. A post office was established at Gayndah in 1850. This suggests that Gayndah may be the oldest town in Queensland.

Agriculture and grazing have been the dominant industries of the Gayndah area.

Gayndah is the centre of Queensland's largest citrus-growing area. The Gayndah Orange Festival is held every two years to celebrate this industry. The Information Centre at Gayndah is located inside a man-made orange.

By 1868 Brisbane was the largest town in Queensland with a population of 15,240. At that time Gayndah was considered for the capital of Queensland, but lost to Brisbane because the Burnett River at Gayndah was not deep enough, making it impossible for large cargo ships to unload near Gayndah.

Pet friendly accommodation in Gayndah consists of pet friendly cottages, pet friendly motels and pet friendly caravan parks, and Gayndah, including the area surrounding Gayndah, also boasts pet related businesses such as vets, dog grooming and washing, pet transport operators, pet food shops, horse riding ranches with riding lessons, Gayndah pet insurance agents, pet breeders, pet products and accessories shops, and pet friendly dining options.

Riverside Gayndah is a very attractive town and is certainly worth a visit. You will be made very welcome by the Gayndah community and your stay will be a happy experience. Please don't disappoint the Gayndah locals, they are looking forward to you coming to experience the Gayndah beauty.

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