Dungog is a country town on the Williams River in the upper Hunter Region in New South Wales. Located in the middle of dairy and timber country, Dungog is the centre of the Dungog Shire and has a population of just under 2200 people.

The Dungog area includes the Fosterton Loop, 22 kilometres of road, used in the annual Pedalfest. A small portion of Dungog lies in the Great Lakes Council area.

Dungog hosts an annual film festival every May which brings Australian Film makers to Dungog for an annual celebration and awards presentations.

Dungog has pet friendly accommodation in the form of pet friendly cottages, pet friendly bed and breakfasts, and self contained pet friendly holiday homes.

Other pet related businesses around the Dungog area include vets, horse riding opportunities, dog grooming and washing businesses, pet transport operators, along with farriers, pet food outlets, and pet friendly dining venues.

Why don't you visit Dungog for yourself. I know for a fact that the Dungog locals will welcome you with open arms.

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