Dundee Beach

Dundee Beach is in the Darwin region of the Northern Territory and is a beautiful coastal village and fishing mecca approximately 120 kilometres from Darwin itself with a great choice of pet friendly accommodation opportunities.

Dundee Beach is on the shores of Fog Bay, a tiny weekend destination for Darwin residents, where a number of pet friendly cabins, pet friendly beach houses, pet friendly camping, and pet friendly cottages make up the pet friendly accommodation that is available.

An extremely popular watering hole is the Dundee Beach Trailer Boat Club that holds monthly barbecues and theme nights. Cooking facilities at this popular venue are available, as are campsites and showers for Dundee Beach Trailer Boat Club members.

Dundee Beach and the surrounding areas boast pet services and businesses other than the pet friendly accommodation already mentioned, in the form of pet food outlets, pet transport operators, boarding kennels and catteries, pet breeders, vets, farriers, horse riding, dog groomers, and pet friendly dining options.

A visit to Dundee Beach is a must if you are in the Northern Territory so come and meet the Dundee Beach locals for a drink and a feed at the Dundee Beach Trailer Boat Club.

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