Cunnamulla is in the Outback Qld region of Queensland and lies on the Warrego River 205 kilometres south of Charleville, and approximately 750 kilometres from Brisbane.

Cunnamulla has a population of around 1250 people and is situated at the intersection of the Mitchell and Balonne Highways.

Major industries in the Cunnamulla area are wool, pig and kangaroo hunting, and the hospitality industry.

The first European explorer in the Cunnamulla area was Thomas Mitchell in 1846, and a settlement arose here because there was a reliable waterhole where two major stock routes intersected.

Cunnamulla itself actually began in the late 19th century as a coach stop for Cobb and Co coaches. Many structures were built to serve the Cunnamulla community from 1865 and the Cunnamulla Post Office opened in 1868.

Cunnamulla has experienced damaging flooding four times since 1990.

Pet friendly accommodation in Cunnamulla consists of pet friendly caravan parks, pet friendly cottages, pet friendly cabins, pet friendly bed and breakfasts, and pet friendly Cunnamulla holiday homes.

Cunnamulla has an excellent range of pet services and some of these are pet food outlets, Cunnamulla vets, pet breeders, dog grooming services, Cunnamulla pet transport operators, pet enclosures and fencing contractors, horse riding opportunities, farriers, Cunnamulla pet friendly dining venues, and boarding kennels and catteries.

Cunnamulla is a vibrant outback town that services many people from quite a large area, and the people are extremely accommodating and hospitable, so next time you intend to head into outback Queensland, make sure you place Cunnamulla in your itinerary as a place to stay.

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