Cressy is a town in the Northern region of Tasmania and is 35 Kilometres from Launceston.

Cressy with a population of around 700 people came into existence in the 1850s to service the surrounding wheat farms. Cressy is now known as Tasmania's "Trout capital" for its great fishing. Cressy also has an agriculture research centre.

The first building in Cressy was The Cressy Hotel which was built in 1845. Cressy became a township in 1848.

Cressy runs an Annual Trout Expo and fishermen come from all over Australia to attend, and naturally tell their 'fish tales'.

Pet friendly accommodation in Cressy consists of pet friendly units, and pet friendly cottages, whilst pet services include pet food outlets, pet transport operators, Cressy vets, farriers, horse riding is found in the area around Cressy, and pet friendly dining venues can also be found in Cressy.

The people of Cressy are very hospitable and welcome everyone who visits their lovely town so why not take advantage of their welcoming nature and head to Cressy for a weekend or maybe even a week or two. Your Cressy experience will be one you'll never forget, and in fact, if you are a fisherman, the memories may 'grow' on you.


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