Crafers is in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia.

With a population of just over 2000 people Crafers is sometimes considered to be an outer suburb of Adelaide, with many residents commuting to the city to work, but locals consider Crafers to be more a suburb of the nearby township of Stirling.

Crafers was named after David Crafer, who arrived in Adelaide in 1838 and moved to the area.

The historic Crafers Primary School was established in the area in 1865. The school was initially located in small premises in Atkinson Road, and then moved to its present location in Piccadilly Road in 1928. The late 1970s saw extensive upgrading of the Crafers school facilities.

The Church of the Epiphany in Crafers has played a prominent role in the life of the Crafers district since it was built in 1878. It has a splendid music tradition, a lively choir and one of the finest pipe-organs in South Australia. The Church of the Epiphany at Crafers is a favourite church for many couples in and around Crafers for their marriage service.

For many years Crafers was well known for being the start point of the South Eastern Freeway linking Adelaide with the town of Murray Bridge, and to the Princes Highway leading to Melbourne.

The Mount Lofty Botanic Garden is nestled in the hills behind Crafers. The gardens, opened in 1977, are at their finest in the spring months.

In February 1983 Crafers was hard hit by the Ash Wednesday bushfires. Many homes adjacent to bushland on the western side of Crafers were destroyed, and the devastation would have been much worse if a change in weather had not occurred right when Crafers itself was being threatened. A memorial on Mount Lofty Summit is dedicated to those in the Adelaide Hills who lost their lives in and around Crafers that day.

Pet friendly accommodation in Crafers consists of pet friendly cottages known as Crafers Cottages and pet related businesses and services include vets, pet food outlets, pet transport operators pet friendly dining options, et minding and dog walking, dog grooming and washing services, and pet supplies and accessories shops.

Crafers is an ideal place to spend some relaxation time and the locals are really lovely welcoming people, so why don't you make sure you include Crafers in your holiday planning in the very near future.


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