Corny Point

Corny Point is a small village of approximately 150 people on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, at the north-western tip of the "boot" of Yorke Peninsula.

Corny Point was named this by Matthew Flinders in 1802 because it appeared to be a growth on the toe of Yorke Peninsula. A lighthouse was built in at Corny Point in 1882.

The first pastoral lease was taken up at Corny Point in 1846.

Corny Point has pet friendly accommodation in the form of pet friendly cottages, pet friendly bed and breakfasts, and pet friendly holiday homes, but not many. Corny Point also features pet food outlets, vets, pet transport operators, pet breeders, pet insurance agents, pet training and dog obedience opportunities.

Corny Point is a lovely little village to stop off at so don't disappoint the Corny Point locals, they would love to see you.

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