Coffin Bay

Coffin Bay is in the Eyre region of South Australia and has plenty of pet friendly accommodation choices.

Coffin Bay is a beautiful idyllic holiday destination surrounded by National Parks with plenty of wildlife, bird life and superb wildflowers.

Coffin Bay which has a population of 600 people is just 45 kilometres north of Port Lincoln and the climate is almost Mediterranean with cooler summers, warmer winters and an average rainfall of 500mm, which falls mainly in winter.

Pet friendly accommodation in Coffin Bay consists of pet friendly caravan parks, with pet friendly cabins and pet friendly camping, Coffin Bay pet friendly cottages, Coffin Bay pet friendly beach houses and pet friendly Coffin Bay lodges and for visitors there is horse riding available in the Coffin Bay area and the well known Coffin Bay Brumby Preservation Society members are always happy to pass on their knowledge.

The Coffin Bay locals are lovely people and the shores of Coffin Bay await you so start planning. Organise your trip tomorrow and experience some Coffin Bay pet friendly accommodation magic for yourself.


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