Bunbury, the Port City, is in Australia's South West region of Western Australia with Bunbury having the third largest population in Western Australia with 69,000 people.

Bunbury is located 175 kilometres south of Perth.

The Port of Bunbury services the farming, mining and timber industries of Bunbury and Australia's South West region.

Established in 1836 Bunbury has many pet friendly accommodation venues, most of them being pet friendly cottages, Bunbury pet friendly holiday homes, pet friendly units, Bunbury pet friendly apartments, pet friendly villas and pet friendly lodges are also in Bunbury, plus Bunbury pet friendly caravan parks which provide pet friendly cabins and pet friendly camping. There are also quite a few pet friendly accommodation houses in the permanent rental category in Bunbury.

With a number of large shopping centres, Bunbury is well off for pet shops which provide pet products, pet food and pet accessories plus aquariums, fish and reptiles supplies, and there are also Bunbury bird aviaries and cages retailers.

Vets and Veterinary Hospitals in Bunbury ensure that Bunbury and visiting pets are well cared for when they are not well, plus there are Bunbury boarding kennels and catteries, other pet minding services and dog walking businesses around Bunbury. Pet and dog grooming and washing services are easily found in Bunbury and pet friendly dining is also becoming a big thing in Bunbury.

Pet rescue is an excellent service that can be found in Bunbury and there is a Bunbury business that performs pet funerals.

Other services in Bunbury that are set up for pets and animals are pet breeders, saddleries and farriers and horse riding and training ranches There is also a horse and pony club in Bunbury where enthusiasts can get together and enjoy a day out with their ponies and horses.

Bunbury is a large rural coastal city that attracts many visitors throughout the year because of its many attractions and activities, so why not pay a visit to Bunbury in the next year or so.

The Bunbury residents are lovely people and they would love you to visit them in Bunbury.

So why not pat a visit to Bunbury soon. You wouldn't want to disappoint the Bunbury locals would you?

In fact, you shouldn't really want to disappoint yourself. Why wonder what Bunbury is like, just take a trip to Bunbury and experience the Bunbury beauty for yourself.

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