Buckland is on the East Coast of Tasmania and is a village on the Tasman Highway. Buckland contains a historic church, St John the Baptist church and has a population of around 200 people.

Originally settled about 1820 Buckland was called Prosser Plains. The village was renamed Buckland in 1846, after William Buckland the Dean of Westminster. The Buckland hotel was built in 1845.

There was a timber mill in Buckland between 1848 and 1981 but has never shown signs of re-opening.

Pet friendly accommodation at Buckland is at Twin Lakes trout fishery and pet services include pet food and supplies, vets in the Buckland area, and you can find horse riding opportunities in the Buckland area as well.

Buckland is an attractive place and visitors are made very welcome by the Buckland locals, so next time you are on the East Coast of Tasmania set aside some time to spend in Buckland.

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