Broadford is a town in the Outer Melbourne North region of Victoria and currently has a population of around 3,500 people.Broadford is the headquarters of the Shire of Mitchell and is roughly 90 kilometres and just an hour in the car, north of Melbourne.

Broadford is bypassed to the east by the Hume Freeway and the railway line linking Melbourne and Sydney passes through Broadford. Broadford is located on the banks of Sunday Creek, a tributary of the Goulburn River.

Broadford boasts a primary school, a secondary college and two kindergartens and is also home to the Victorian State Motorcycle Complex.

Pet friendly accommodation in and around Broadford consists of pet friendly bed and breakfasts, pet friendly cottages, pet friendly holiday homes, pet friendly homesteads, and pet friendly cabins.

Broadford boasts pet services such as pet shops, pet food outlets, pet breeders, Broadford vets, farriers, horse dentists, pet transport operators, Broadford pet friendly dining venues, pet insurance agents, there are horse riding schools near Broadford, pet photography and artists studios, and pet enclosures and fencing contractors.

Broadford is a lovely town with lovely residents as well so why don't you investigate the Broadford area for your next weekend away. There is plenty to see and do, so put Broadford area in your holiday diary soon.

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