Binalong Bay

Binalong Bay on the East Coast of Tasmania is situated at the southern end of the very appealing Bay of Fires and includes a well-known range of pet friendly accommodation.

Located north of St Helens, Binalong Bay makes up the Bay of Fires Conservation Area - a protected coastal stretch of stunning white sandy beaches.

Binalong Bay and the Bay of Fires offer all kinds of outdoor activities, from scenic coastal walks and beachside fun to some of the world's best game fishing.

Fascinating sea life can be seen on Binalong Bay guided diving and snorkeling tours, revealing an underwater world of scenic reefs, spectacular sponges and corals, underwater caves and colourful marine life.

Pet friendly accommodation in Binalong Bay includes pet friendly cottages, pet friendly beach houses, and pet friendly bed and breakfasts.

The pet friendly services in and around Binalong Bay are varied and include pet food outlets, pet transport operators, pet friendly dining, vets, horse riding opportunities, farriers, horse dentists, dog grooming and washing services, pet insurance agents, pet breeders pet training and dog obedience schools, and pet supplies.

Binalong Bay is a truly beautiful part of Tasmania and the residents are waiting for you to arrive. So don't disappoint them, take a trip to Binalong Bay and soak up the superb sandy beaches and surrounding coastline views and experience the pet friendly accommodation excellence for yourself.


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