Badgingarra is in Australia's Coral Coast region of Western Australia, approximately 200 kilometres north of Perth  on the Brand Highway next to the Badgingarra National Park.

Badgingarra became a town in 1955 and was named after nearby Badgingarra Pool. Badgingarra is Indigenous for "water by the manna gums".

Badgingarra now has a tavern, general store and a post office, roadhouse and other businesses. The town has a number of recreational facilities at the Badgingarra Community Centre including tennis courts, a bowling green, a football oval, a golf course, parks and playgrounds.

A bushfire gutted the area in 2010 burning out over 10,000 hectares of agricultural land. Badgingarra was also hit by storms in 2012 with 50 millimetres of rain falling in less than an hour, which destroyed many of the farmers crops.

Pet friendly accommodation in Badgingarra consists of pet friendly caravan parks, and a pet friendly bush resort whilst pet services in the area include pet transport operators, vets, horse riding opportunities, pet food outlets, pet supplies retailers, pet breeders, and boarding kennels.

Badgingarra locals enjoy their village of 350 people and are extremely welcoming to visitors, so why don't you head there in the near future to lap up some real Badgingarra hospitality.


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