Augathella is a town in the Outback region of Queensland and is part of the Shire of Murweh, boasting  very popular pet friendly accommodation.

Augathella lies on the Matilda Highway and is 85 kilometres north of Charleville, and 750 kilometres west of Brisbane.

Augathella lies on the banks of the Warrego River and has a population of around 400 people.

Augathella came into being initially as a resting place for bullock teams lying at the convergence of three bullock tracks from Morven, Tambo, and Charleville

. Augathella was bypassed by the new Matilda Highway during the 1980s. Some new Augathella businesses have slowly encroached back onto the highway frontage. There is a growing arts centre in Augathella, public library, public swimming pool, a bowls club and there is an annual rodeo. Augathella has some polocrosse teams.

The Augathella district survived on the grazing industry and is still the predominant industry of the area. The town is situated on the Warrego River (an Aboriginal word meaning river of sand).

Since 2011 the entrance to Augathella has been marked by a 4.5m steel and copper giant sculpture of a meat ant in a reference to its former junior football team, named the "Mighty Meat Ants".

Pet friendly accommodation at Augathella consists of pet friendly motels and pet friendly caravan parks and pet services are mostly rural related with pet food outlets, pet supplies, vets, farriers, horse dentists, pet transport operators, pet breeders, and pet insurance agents.

Augathella is a very pet friendly town and the locals of Augathella would welcome your visit, so if you are venturing into the outback it would be a great idea to plan a stay in one of the pet friendly accommodation venues in Augathella.


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