Anglesea is a lovely coastal town on the Great Ocean Road about 114 kilometres west from Melbourne and just 36 kilometres from Geelong. Pet friendly accommodation in Anglesea is extremely popular and consists of pet friendly beach houses or holiday homes and apartments and the very pet friendly Caravan Park.

Anglesea was in the path of the Ash Wednesday bushfires of 1983 and a number of homes were either completely destroyed or badly damged but the town has come back to its old thriving self with the population of approximately 2,700 permanent residents multiplying threefold over the summer holidays.

The main beaches are very safe but more experienced surfers prefer to head to 'Guvvo's' to the west of the town. A very popular treat is the regularly run Riverbank Markets and the annual Angair Wildflower Festival every September. For the golf enthusiasts the Anglesea Golf Course is extremely popular, but not only with humans, but also the eastern grey kangaroos which frequest the fairways.

The Surf Coast walk travels through Anglesea and you have the opportunity to walk as far as Torquay to the east or Moggs Creek to the west. Other popular places with tourists are the Skateboard Ramp, and the wetlands area with attractive walkways and bridges known as Coogoorah Park, Point Roadknight, Harvey Street and Point Addis.

There are a number of pet services in Anglesea, other the pet friendly accommodation options and some of these are vets, pet food suppliers, horse riding opportunities, pet friendly dining choices, dog grooming and washing, pet transport operators, farriers and pet insurance agents.

Anglesea is always a regularly visited town by many people because of its natural beauty and the friendliness of the locals so take a look through the pet friendly pages below and reserve your time in Anglesea very shortly.

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