Wow Houseboats - White Sands - Riverlands - South Australia

Riverglen Dr, White Sands SA 5253, Australia
    Pet Friendly Accommodation - Holidays
  • Pet Friendly Houseboats
Sleeps up to 12 guests
4 Bedroom Houseboat
Priced From $1500
Minimum 3 nights stay
Pets welcome indoors with prior approval

Planning a wow holiday does not only include your family, friends, and loved ones. You can also bring your dogs (fur babies) to experience the houseboat holiday. There are outdoor beds raised from the decking,
food and drink bowls.

Yes, Wow Factor is dog-friendly with conditions, as we care about your dog almost as much as you do! We can all learn from our dogs to be better humans and some children are not as well trained as their
owners' pets are!

Our Cavalier King Charles even has his own life jacket for extended times in the river or when he comes on an inflatable SUP for an early morning paddle.

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Wow Factor is a 12 berth hire/drive houseboat with two levels of luxury. Located on the Lower Mighty Murray River only 30 minutes from Hahndorf and the Adelaide Hills Wine region, one hour from Adelaide and 7 hours from Melbourne. This Wow Factor Houseboat has stylish features that will ensure an unforgettable houseboat holiday during any season. Wow Factor boasts an impressive range of features including 8 TVs (Smart TVs or with Google Chrome), an 8 person spa, and a heated upstairs area with a custom-made 11 seater lounge and 360° views, just to name a few…

The perfect choice for a family houseboat holiday with your dog/s, Wow Factor is equipped with 8 heaters/air conditioning units, 4 infrared patio heaters, heated deck chairs for around the campfire, 3 camp ovens, large floodlights and more impressive features to ensure that you are warm and comfortable, where ever you are on the boat. The whole family is sure to have a Wow Factor Holiday on one of the most spacious, warm and feature-packed houseboats on the Murray.


Terms and Conditions

We invite you onto our boutique houseboat as a guest to have a Wow Factor holiday with your pet. We, unfortunately, are going to have to limit the type of dogs we have on the boat. We may be showing bias but the classic lapdog will be our preference. Please don’t be offended and we hope the following logic explains why?

Rule 1. Under 12 kgs, as the larger dogs are difficult to get onto the second floor.
Rule 2. Dogs that don't scratch to come into rooms.
Rule 3. We won't accept any puppies so they need to be over 2 years of age and are toilet-trained.
Rule 4. Dogs that can easily dry off after a swim.

More energetic and larger dogs may not be permitted on the houseboat
as they can become restless and need to be on a more suitable holiday
with their owners.

Dogs such as Blue Heelers and Labradors may not be permitted as they won't dry off easily (not to offend our fur buddies, but we certainly avoid the chances of making the houseboat smell like a dog kennel).

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