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PO Box 880, Geelong VIC 3220

Fully certified and accredited JAN FENNELL DOG LISTENER. I teach dog owners communication techniques to convince their pet dogs that they are the decision-maker in their household and that the dogs can give up the jobs they have been trying to do such as lead the Walk (pulling), checking out danger (barking) and being Top Dog (jumping up, lack of respect, etc.) and just chill!

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PO Box 880, Geelong VIC 3220

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Jan Fennell, the U.K's International Dog Listener, developed a unique, easy and respectful method for relieving the stress our pet dogs live with by being in our families, leading to behaviour problems such as Separation Anxiety, barking, food issues, food guarding, aggression, fearfulness, boundary-running, pulling on lead, obsessive behaviours and whatever else the dog can think up! I teach dog owners her "Amichien Bonding" method which doesn't use commands, gadgets such as head halters, chains or aversion-collars - just body language information in the 4 areas that concern every dog - it's a foreign language to us, but it is a dog's OWN LANGUAGE. Traditional dog training concentrates on telling dogs what we want them to do - it doesn't change their thinking about where they fit in; Dog Listening allows owners to understand what their dog is telling them about what it is thinking, and then giving the dog the correct information it needs to be relaxed and calm.

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