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'About Us'

In July 2014 I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity of purchasing this website ''.

I have made changes to make the site easier to navigate and have plans for more improvements, especially in marketing and search engine optimization.

There are now 30 different categories for all Australian Pet Lovers to browse, so all pet-related businesses in Australia will have the opportunity to increase their profile and gain financial benefit at a very low cost. If they don’t already, every Australian Pet Owner will know about us and be using on a regular basis, if not daily.

I believe the annual fee of $49.50 will allow every business to list with ‘Pet Friendly’ as it is not only very affordable, but also a wise investment for Business Owners/Managers to increase their profit margin.

I realise there is competition out there, but I believe in what I am doing and that there is a real need for a comprehensive 'Pet Friendly' website in Australia. With a lot of hard work and your invited input, we can together, provide a site that will fill a huge gap in the 'Pet World', an Australian 'Pet Friendly' website that actually provides the information and answers to ALL pet-related queries.

I purchased the domain name with the aim of providing a service to all Australian Pet Lovers and owning the name ‘Pet Friendly’ makes me proud, because that is what I am, and that is what people search for, and when that happens all over Australia, I will have made a lot of people and their pets very happy.

I have received a lot of very encouraging comments to date and implemented a lot of your ideas, and with your support and invited suggestions to improve the site, we will all be able to benefit from this much-needed website, .

Hoping to catch up with you on this exciting ‘Pet Friendly’ journey

……………………… and please tell your friends about us!

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