Kimberley Croc Motel - Kununurra - The Kimberley - WA

20 River Fig Ave, Kununurra WA 6743, Australia
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Sleeps up to 2 guests
Pet Friendly Queen Room
Priced From Starting from $169
Minimum 1 night stay
Pets welcome indoors with prior approval crowning glory of Western Australia is the Kimberley region of northern Australia. In it lays Kununurra, the jewel in the crown. But the most significant treasure is yet to be unveiled.

The true gem of the north is situated in the heart of Kununurra where you will find the Kimberley Croc Motel. Renowned for its central location, best-priced accommodation and total comfort.

Nestled in the ruggedness of the Kimberley are many tiny oases waiting to be revealed. And the Kimberley Croc Motel is such a place. Behind the façade is a tropical paradise inspired by lush surroundings, a place to refresh, replenish, rehydrate, and relax.

Located in the centre of Kununurra, Kimberley Croc Motel is close to shops, cafes, restaurants, and local attractions.

Make Kimberley Croc Motel your home base while you explore Mother Nature’s playground. We have all of facilities to make your stay a comfortable one.

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Kimberley Croc Motel offers pet-friendly accommodation for those who want to bring their loyal friend on holiday. Bring them along and let them enjoy the time away from home, staying in one of our appointed pet-friendly rooms. Pets are welcome at Kimberley Croc Motel when booking our Pampered Pet Package.

The Perfect pet-friendly accommodation.

Pet Friendly Queen Room:

Kimberley Croc Motel extends the “Star Treatment” to pets of all ages and sizes. Appointed pet-friendly rooms are limited, and we advise you to book well in advance. Discover more about Kununurra with our Pet-Friendly Guide  

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